This websites celebrates the beauty of the MOTO GUZZI 1000S.


This beautiful loner, this Einzelgänger for Einzelgänger, could of course never be a commercial success as it was developed out of passion and not out of smart, conceptual marketing.

If you have eyes for it, this passion can be seen all over; its daring black color with orange striping, the odd 70‘s logos and selected materials and parts. Materials like chrome, polished aluminum and stainless steel combined with parts like the big 40mm Dellorto’s, the Bitubo’s up front, the Koni’s at the back and 2 white Veglia’s in the compact cockpit. It could of course only be Italian.

Being the only child of the marriage between the style of the out-of-date and very short lived 1970’s Guzzi 750S and the technique of the last in a famous bloodline, the LeMans 1000, the 1000S was bound to be an oddity and never to be the instantly popular boy with the masses in yet another difficult period for the Moto Guzzi company.

As a true Einzelgänger this only child was out of place in its time, being misunderstood, being scorned and frowned upon. Not modern nor old fashioned, not a pure racer nor a pure tourer - the 1000S cannot be put in a box and is certainly not everybody’s friend and taste. In the beginning many of the 1000S’s therefor remained unsold at Guzzi dealers for years. But as beauty out of passion will always find it’s way, the 1000S is now being recognized for what it is, a unique bike that has no second to it, not in the 90 years long Guzzi line-up or in any other motorcycle brand.

It is truly one of a kind and a daring work of great classic (or modern?) Italian motorcycle art.

In 2016 due to personal circumstances I almost did not drive any of the bikes, so no “en route” pictures to share.

New update November 2016: sidecar information added on the Some Trivia page  as well as some new guests.

I wonder who decided on colour and design of the tank
of the 1000S.........maybe this picture gives us a clue?

So he is not only the father of Luke Skywalker but also............


Riding my 1000S is just freedom at it’s best. Wind, water, earth, sound, power... being one with my Guzzi and flying through the landscape...

She is definitely