This site is dedicated to the memory of Ralf Blaeser of Cologne Germany.

In the beginning of the 90‘s Ralf had the good taste to appreciate the 1000S, series 1, and to buy it new at Guzzi dealer Martinek in Cologne. From his family I Iearned that he really adored his bike and it was everything to him. Unfortunately he did not get the chance to enjoy it a very long time as he passed away much too young.

In april 2011 I had the chance to buy his beautiful kept bike from Stephan, a passionate motorcyclist, collector and friend of the Blaeser family.

In some way this bike will always be attached to Ralf. So all respect to Ralf for his good taste and love for his 1000S. I will drive it in his honor.

Here are some pictures of Ralf the Blaeser family was so kind to let me use.